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Massage Therapy

Paraffin Therapy
Paraffin wraps are applied to hands and sometimes feet. The paraffin allows the slow release of heat into the area and increases circulation. This leads to warmth, comfort, and general relaxation. This therapy is offered to appointments of one hour or more at the time of dental visit.

Reflexology Massage
This is systematic massage of the feet and hands that stimulates the reflex areas of the major body organs. It relieves stress, improves circulation, and brings balance to the whole body. This therapy can be done through socks or panty hose. A reflexology treatment lasts from 5 to 45 minutes and is offered to appointments of a half hour or more at the time of dental visit.

Chair Massage
Chair massage offers the benefit of full body massage, but without oil or requiring the client to be undressed. The client is seated on a specially designed chair that allows the therapist access to head, neck, back and arms while the head, arms, and legs are supported. Massage improves circulation, promotes relaxation, and relieves tension, stress, and spasm in muscles. Chair massage sessions are 10 to 15 minutes. This therapy is offered to all appointments at time of dental visit.

Temporomandibular Joint Massage (TMJD)
This type of massage is beneficial for clients with face, neck, shoulder, and head pain. By relieving the stress and tension of the muscles of chewing, many of these symptoms are eliminated or decreased.

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