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Benjamin P. Hornstein, DDS General Dentist

Soft-tissue Therapists in Beachwood, OH

The Soft-Tissue Therapists at The Center for Advanced Dentistry.

Our soft-tissue therapists make it possible for patients to keep their teeth for a lifetime. If you have any signs of bleeding gums, shifting or loosening teeth, or bad breath, they can educate you on techniques that will help eliminate these problems. Each person’s treatment is specialized to fit his or her individual needs.


Sandy is a dental hygiene graduate from Cuyahoga County Community College. She specializes in non-surgical periodontal treatment. Since 1980, she has helped many of our patients avoid periodontal surgery.


Stephanie graduated from the University of Michigan in 1963 with her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. She has worked in every phase of dentistry from pedodontics to oral surgery and is also an EFDA (Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary). She specializes in non-surgical treatment for periodontal-compromised patients.



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