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Benjamin P. Hornstein, DDS General Dentist

Holistic Dentistry

Optimum health starts with the mouth, so we want to preserve your dental health. However, other health habits and practices influence not only your oral health, but your body’s overall wellness. In our holistic dentist’s practice, we also promote stress reduction and nutrition, using the guidance of other medical practitioners from allopathic and holistic health communities. As a holistic dentist, Dr Hornstein supports your total body health by offering mercury-free fillings, biocompatibility testing, massage therapy, and nutrition information.

Biocompatibility testing allows us to screen blood samples and determine your specific sensitivities so that we can select the best treatment options. To help our patients relax during their time with us, we offer massage therapy. We provide different types of massage therapy, including paraffin therapy, reflexology massage, chair massage, temporomandibular joint massage (TMJ), and full body massage. Because our holistic dentist wants to encourage patients to focus on achieving overall wellness, we offer nutrition information and a complete list of holistic practitioners in the area.

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