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Holistic Dentistry Focuses on Your Overall Health and Wellness

Did you know that good oral health is essential to good overall health? Your mouth is the gateway from which many bacterial infections can enter your bloodstream, and spread throughout the body. Poor oral health can be a risk factor for, indicate the presence of, or exacerbate the effects of many systemic conditions including: diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. In fact, patients with advanced gum disease can have difficulty controlling their blood sugar, and 95% of patients with diabetes also have gum disease. It’s clear that overall good health starts with the mouth. The Center for Advanced Dentistry focuses on this mouth-body connection. In our holistic dentistry practice, we promote stress reduction and nutrition using the guidance of other medical practitioners from allopathic and holistic health communities. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Hornstein supports your total body health by offering mercury-free fillings, biocompatibility testing, massage therapy, and nutritional advice. The use of digital x-ray equipment, which exposes you to substantially less radiation, is also part of our holistic dentistry practice. To experience the holistic dentistry difference for yourself, make an appointment to see Dr. Hornstein today.

The Importance of Biocompatible Materials

Biocompatibility testing allows us to screen blood samples and determine your specific sensitivities, so that we can select the best treatment options for you. To help our patients relax during their time in our office, we also offer massage therapy. We provide different types of massage therapy, including: paraffin therapy, reflexology massage, chair massage, temporomandibular joint massage (TMJ), and full body massage. To encourage patients to focus on achieving overall wellness, we offer nutrition information and a complete list of holistic practitioners in the area. We also work to reduce exposure to harmful toxins during treatment.

The Danger of Amalgam Fillings

A single dental amalgam (metal) filling releases as much as 15 micrograms of mercury into the body per day. The average American has eight amalgam fillings and could absorb up to 120 micrograms of mercury per day. In contrast, eating mercury-tainted seafood will expose you to only about 2.3 micrograms of mercury per day, which is enough for scientists to call for international warnings. As a holistic dentistry, we don’t use amalgam, nickel, or other metals to fill cavities. Instead, we use only composite resin materials. We also encourage our patients to remove existing amalgam fillings and replace them with healthier composite materials.

Beachwood Holistic Dentistry Appointments

As a holistic dentistry practice, The Center for Advanced Dentistry approaches dental care with the belief that your dental health is an integral part of your overall health, and has a major influence on other processes in your body. Any treatment we perform takes this belief into account. Our primary aim is to resolve your dental problems while working in harmony with the rest of your body. For the healthy outcomes you deserve, make your holistic dentistry appointment with Dr. Hornstein and his experienced team at The Center for Advanced Dentistry today. Dr. Hornstein proudly serves patients throughout Beachwood, Cleveland, Pepper Pike, Solon, Shaker Heights, and surrounding Ohio communities.

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