Dentist in Beachwood Shares 5 Causes of Bad Breath

March 23, 2016

dentist in beachwoodGot bad breath? Your dentist in Beachwood is here to help! Find out if one of these top five causes of bad breath are at the root of your foul odor. Your friends, neighbors and coworkers will thank you for it!

#1: You’ve got gum disease or gingivitis

Often, chronically bad breath is actually the sign of a larger condition, like gum disease or gingivitis. When your gums are infected, bacteria build up and affect the way your breath smells (and the way your mouth tastes, too). Visit your dentist for a checkup to find out if gum disease is at the root of your smelly problem. If it is, a deep cleaning or other periodontal treatment can help you breathe fresh once again.

#2: You’re not flossing

Too many adults don’t floss their teeth, and then wonder why their breath smells like last night’s dishwater. Flossing is only way to remove the bacteria and food particles that your toothbrush just can’t reach, so don’t leave off this important step. Make a habit out of flossing by placing it you’re somewhere you’re sure to see every night, like right beside your toothbrush.

#3: You’re dehydrated

“Morning breath” got its name for a reason. After (hopefully) eight hours of sleep and no fluid intake, the bacteria in your mouth have had the opportunity to run amok, multiply and give off that unmistakable odor. The same thing can happen throughout the day if you don’t give your mouth the proper hydration with pure H2O. Saliva production encouraged by plenty of water washes away the bacteria and food particles that cause odor — so make sure you sip throughout the day for fresher breath and healthier teeth.

#4: You can’t kick the habit

If you’re a smoker (or if you use tobacco in any form), you shouldn’t be surprised that the habit affects the smell of your breath. By constricting blood flow to the mouth, reducing proper saliva flow and increasing the amount of bacteria present between teeth and on gums, tobacco greatly affects the smell of your breath… for the worse. If you’re ready to quit the habit but are unsure how, or haven’t had success in the past, contact a medical professional (like your dentist near Shaker Heights!) for help.

#5: It’s time to visit the dentist

Twice-annual dental checkups and cleanings are recommended for a reason. By removing plaque and tartar buildup, checking for spots of decay and evaluating your risk of gum disease, your dental team can greatly reduce the odor-offenders in your mouth. When was your last visit to the dentist? If it’s been more than six months, do your oral health (and your breath) a favor and schedule a dental cleaning in Beachwood with the Center for Advanced Dentistry today!

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