Orthodontics – Beachwood, OH

Straighter Teeth the Easy Way

A lot of dental patients come to see us because they are unhappy with their crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth. Thankfully, we can offer the solutions people need without relying on metal braces. With our clear aligner treatments, dental patients can get the perfectly straight smiles they desire while no one around them notices their treatment. To learn more and get started, contact us today to set up a consultation to discuss orthodontics in Beachwood, OH.


Why Choose the Center for Advanced Dentistry for Orthodontics?

  • All Ages Welcome
  • Customized Treatment Plans for Each Patient
  • Usually Faster than Metal Braces



Hand holding a clear correct clear braces tray

ClearCorrect and Invisalign share a lot of similarities in that both use a series of plastic trays to move the teeth. The big difference? ClearCorrect is better for making smaller, more aesthetic changes, so the treatment usually requires fewer trays. This makes it a more affordable option compared to Invisalign for most patients while allowing them to enjoy the same quality of care.

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