Holistic Dentistry – Beachwood, OH

Taking Care of More Than Your Smile

Generations of dentists have known that oral health is the gateway to overall health, and that is something we hold very closely here at The Center for Advanced Dentistry. When you come to visit us, we want to take care of you as a whole being, not just a set of teeth. Your holistic dentists in Beachwood, Dr. Benjamin Hornstein and Dr. Shawn Schlessel, consider this during every consultation, exam, and procedure they perform. This approach shapes our dental office, and in that spirit, we are able to offer you options for holistic dentistry at our Beachwood, OH dental office that you simply won’t find anywhere else that will make your smile and your body healthy.


Why Choose the Center for Advanced Dentistry for Holistic Dentistry?

  • Dedicated to Using Non-Toxic Materials Only
  • Metal & Mercury-Free Fillings
  • Allergy/Biocompatibility Testing Performed


Mercury-Free Dentistry

Animated smile during mercury free holistic dentistry treatment

Traditionally, fillings were made of a material called amalgam. Like the name suggests, it is made of a combination of metals, including mercury. This causes many people pause because it is widely known that mercury is an extremely toxic substance and would never want it in their mouth.

Because of this, we only use non-toxic, mercury-free fillings in Beachwood. These fillings are made from a specific composite resin that is also BPA-free. Rather than using the same material for every patient, we go the extra step and offer biocompatibility testing to find out which material will work best. This helps people get their teeth repaired in a way that considers their entire body.

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We Can Remove Your Amalgam Fillings

Animated smile after amalgam filling removal

Of course, if you already have amalgam fillings, we are willing to safely remove them for you if this is in your best interest. Once again, we go the extra mile to ensure your overall health. Our process is very thorough in order to completely protect your wellbeing. After reviewing your medical and dental health history, we work in conjunction with your health care provider to assist in detoxifying and recommend nutritional sources:

  • Protect you from ingesting mercury during removal by using a rubber dam
  • Provide an alternative air source to minimize your inhalation of mercury fumes
  • Employ a special technique to cut the mercury that minimizes debris and fumes
  • Apply high volume suction to capture errant mercury fumes
  • Use copious amounts of water to further limit your exposure to mercury
  • Use special methods to purify the air throughout our entire dental office
  • Use a centralized amalgam separator that collects 99% of mercury before it goes into wastewater
  • Refer you to outside detoxifying and nutritional sources

Each step is meticulously considered in order to put your health and safety first. This attention to detail is our trademark and can make all the difference in both your experience and in your long-term results.

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Allergy  &  Biocompatibility Testing

Allergy test kit

In dentistry, 5000 different materials are available to dentists that are utilized for a multitude of different applications. Exposure to any of these materials can cause sensitivity and possible allergies based on your unique immune system. We minimize reactions by offering a third-party genetic test that can determine specific sensitivities based on each person’s biochemistry. This way we can ensure we are using the safest materials possible for each specific person. Our dental office can provide you a test kit that can be used to determine your own specific plan. To complete the test, each person must submit a blood test that is sent to a specialized lab for evaluation. The test utilizes each person's own specific antibodies to ensure compatibility with the materials we will use to restore your teeth. This is another example of how we ensure the safety of each of our patients based on their own unique immune system.

Labs we work with:

  • Biocomp Laboratories
  • Clifford Consulting and Research Inc.

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Homeopathic Treatments

Homeopathic treatment

Whether we use them to calm your mind or aid your recovery, our homeopathic treatments provide a completely natural solution to guarantee you will be taken care of both inside and outside of our dental office.

During your visit, your doctor may recommend that you visit your alternative medicine physician. We have great relationships with these types of doctors. Depending on your personal case, we will refer you to a doctor who will tailor a specific treatment based on your situation.

Want to Know More?

This information can be overwhelming and leave you with many questions. We’re always willing to talk about holistic dentistry, so please feel free to give us a call anytime. We’re more than happy to keep you informed about all the ways we can help your body as well as your smile.


Holistic Dentistry FAQs

Thinking woman with curious expression on her face

Holistic dentists are somewhat rare, so we understand if you have some questions about this approach to oral healthcare! To help you out, we have put together the following list of FAQs about holistic dentistry, along with succinct answers. If your questions are not addressed here, feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to speak with you!

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What Is the Difference Between a Holistic Dentist and a Regular One?

Holistic dentists and conventional ones have some important points in common. For example, both have completed dental school, and both must keep up with continuing education requirements in whatever state they work in. Both care deeply about their patients and want them to enjoy sound oral health and confident smiles.

There are also some key differences between these two types of dentists. Holistic dentists have a broader focus; their treatment recommendations and techniques all stem from the understanding that oral health and overall health are intimately connected. They strive to be conservative and always consider how any particular treatment might affect a patient’s overall well-being. That is why they tend to favor non-metal materials, are cautious about recommending surgery, and take other steps to reduce risks to a person’s overall health.

Is Holistic Dentistry Safe?

Holistic dentists are deeply committed to patient safety. In fact, because we view the body as a whole, we take extra precautions to protect our patients. Of course, there are still some minor risks involved with certain treatments. We will thoroughly explain all such risks to you so you can be well-informed before consenting to any procedures.

Does Holistic Dentistry Hurt?

We want our patients to be comfortable. That is why we always favor noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments whenever the situation allows for it. If you do need a procedure that has the potential to cause pain, we may offer sedation along with local anesthesia so you can get through your appointment in a calm and relaxed state.

How Do I Find the Right Holistic Dentist for Me?

Just like conventional dentists, holistic dentists can vary greatly in the services they provide, their chairside manner, and other aspects of their practice. You should think seriously about what you want in your dental practice and then narrow down your options. For example, you might be looking for someone who accepts certain payment options, has certain office hours, or offers a particular treatment.

You can find much information about dentists on their websites, as well as on review sites like Google. If you have questions about a particular practice, you should feel free to call them.