Is It Possible for Dental Implants to Rust?

August 28, 2023

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Woman’s smile with titanium dental implant

Dental implants have a widespread reputation for providing high-quality tooth replacement. Indeed, they have the potential to give you a rebuilt smile that will last throughout your lifetime. However, since they are made out of metal, you might wonder if it is possible for dental implants to rust. If it is possible, how might that affect your oral health? This blog post provides important information.

Dental Implants, Rust, and Corrosion

Nowadays, most dental implants are made out of a titanium alloy. It is important to note that titanium does not rust. Rust is a form of corrosion that is limited exclusively to iron and iron alloys, including stainless steel. Be sure to ask your dentist what kind of implants they plan to use so you can know whether they will be vulnerable to rust.

Also, keep in mind that while titanium implants do not rust, there is the possibility that they will corrode. This can happen when saliva interacts with different metals in the mouth, creating an electric current that could adversely affect the implants. Implants have a special outer layer that helps to prevent this issue (known as galvanic corrosion), but it is always a possibility. It has the potential to lead to dental implant failure.

How Common Is Dental Implant Corrosion?

It is important to note that the corrosion of titanium implants is pretty rare. Many patients who receive them enjoy decades of problem-free function, especially if they are diligent about visiting their dentist for regular checkups and oral health maintenance.

There are no readily available statistics on how often corrosion is responsible for dental implant failure. However, overall failure rates are quite low. In fact, some studies have found that more than 95% of implants are successful.

Is There a Corrosion-Proof Type of Implant?

If you are a bit reluctant to get dental implants due to the possibility of corrosion, talk to your dentist to see if they offer zirconia dental implants. Zirconia is a type of ceramic, so it is invulnerable to galvanic corrosion. It is also quite durable and has the potential to last just as long as titanium implants.

Dental implants are not perfect, but they are the best form of tooth replacement — and they are certainly better than not replacing your teeth at all! You should be sure to ask your dentist about the pros and cons of all your tooth replacement options so you can make a well-informed decision about how to rebuild your smile.

Meet the Practice

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