How Do I Protect My Teeth During Pregnancy? Here are 5 Tips

August 30, 2019

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pregnant womanIt’s very important to take care of your health when you are pregnant in order to reduce the risk of complications and to help ensure a healthy development for your growing baby. One of the most overlooked elements of pregnancy health is your teeth: it is even more important to practice great dental health when you’re pregnant due to the potential for developing problems with your teeth as your pregnancy continues. The following guide will help you learn how to protect your teeth during pregnancy.


  1. Floss Your Teeth Every Day


Flossing is always important, but it’s essential that you maintain a regular flossing routine during your pregnancy in order to reduce the chances of plaque build-up and increased risks for gingivitis and infections. You should floss your teeth every day to get rid of food debris from in between your teeth; and don’t forget to use threaders or similar devices to floss any dental bridges or special implants you have.


  1. Eat a Balanced Diet


Your diet can impact your oral health to a significant degree, so it’s important to maintain a balanced diet when you’re pregnant to help reduce the chances of developing cavities and gingivitis. Avoid eating foods that increase the chances for cavities, such as sugar-heavy foods and candy that expose your teeth to large amounts of sugar. You should also avoid eating or drinking foods that are high in acidity, such as soda pop, or at least consume them in moderation and with straws to avoid exposing your teeth directly to the acidic food.


  1. Take Care After Morning Sickness


If you are experiencing morning sickness or have otherwise been vomiting during your pregnancy, you will need to take some extra steps to protect your teeth from stomach acid which will attack your teeth. To neutralize your stomach acid, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with water and rinse your mouth out.


  1. See Your Dentist


You must visit your dentist regularly during your pregnancy so that your dental health team can keep a close eye on your oral health. Your dentist may recommend you see them more frequently depending on your dental health and any problems you are experiencing. Your dentist may also suggest certain routines or additions to your dental routine in order to keep your teeth and gums in healthy shape.


  1. Brush Twice a Day


You should be brushing twice a day anyway, but it’s especially important to brush your teeth regularly when you are pregnant in order to keep your gums and teeth in top shape. Remember not to brush too soon after eating or drinking anything other than water, as this will push the food into your teeth and could damage your enamel.


Final Thoughts


If you are pregnant, don’t forget to keep the above tips in mind to help protect your teeth during your pregnancy. These simple tips will decrease the chances that you’ll develop cavities, gingivitis and other problems during your pregnancy.

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