How to Handle a Dental Emergency When Out of Town

February 3, 2010

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We just had a patient who had a dental emergency and was out of town.  What do you do?  How do you find a dental practice like ours?  The first step would be to call our office to see if your problem is something that can wait until you return home.  However, if you are on an extended visit and won’t be coming home for awhile, you don’t want to let an infection or broken tooth go untreated. 

You could use a local friend’s recommendation or if you don’t know anyone, you could use the Internet.  We like Google for a search engine.  If you type in “dentist” and the city and state where you are located, you will get a variety of dentists and their locations.  You can see reviews and click on the links to the various dental websites.  A dentist should have the latest technology, use bonded or porcelain restorations, have digital x-rays, and can see you in the same day.  When you call their office, you should talk to a real person and not a machine.  Excellent dentists have excellent customer service for their patients and the team members should be friendly and knowledgeable.   If you have an infection and need a root canal, then you should be referred to a specialist who does only root canals (called an endodontist).  If the tooth is not savable and you need an extraction, you would want to see an oral surgeon who can also evaluate the site for the possibility of a future implant.   If you find yourself this predicament, then you can call our office for guidance and we will help you make the best decision for your oral health.  Hopefully, by maintaining your dental health with regular cleanings and check-ups, you will avoid this situation.  We are here to help you.