The Dentist Pepper Pike Prefers Says Tobacco Use Greatly Affects Oral Health

September 16, 2015

tobacco use and oral health from the dentist pepper pike lovesTobacco use is rampant in the United States. Roughly 42 million people are habitual tobacco users. Of this number, many will develop conditions such as lung cancer, emphysema and more. Tobacco is enjoyed by people in several different ways including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco (“dip”), or cigars. Nicotine is highly addictive, which explains why so many people are tobacco users. We’re here to tell you that it’s in your best interest to kick the habit while you still have time. You see, it isn’t just your overall health you’re putting at risk, it’s your oral health, too. Our Beachwood, OH office wants you to know that your oral health is very important and tobacco use can leave it in bad shape. Bad oral health has a major impact on your overall health. As the Beachwood dentist of choice for residents in the area, Dr. Hornstein has firsthand the effects tobacco has had on many patients. He and the rest of our dental staff want you to live your life free of tobacco and with the best oral health of your life.

Tobacco and Your Oral Health

Everyone knows the overall health effects of using tobacco. But, most are unsure of what it can do for your oral health. Below is an eye-opening list of the effects tobacco can have on oral health:

  • Roughly 50% of adult that smoke have periodontal disease
  • People who smoke are twice as likely to lose teeth.
  • Root canals are standard practice for habitual smokers.
  • Mouth pain, cavities and gum recession are increased.
  • The body’s ability to fight infections is greatly reduced especially in the mouth and gums.
  • Smoking inhibits the growth of blood vessels thus slowing the healing of gum tissues.
  • Chewing tobacco, or dip, can exacerbate the development of cheek, gum and lip cancer.
  • Tiny particles found in cigars, chewing tobacco and unprocessed tobacco leaves are very abrasive to teeth.

As you can see, there are many problems associated with tobacco use. Though there has been a drop in the amount of smokers in this country, tobacco use is still heavy. To increase the oral health of everyone, it’s imperative that tobacco use no longer becomes a part of your daily routine.

Schedule a Checkup

If you have been a smoker all of your life or have recently begun, it’s never too late to come in for an appointment and have our dental team thoroughly examine your mouth. Dr. Hornstein is the dentist Pepper Pike, Beachwood, Shaker Heights and others come to see for dental assistance. Improve your oral health by kicking the tobacco habit for good.

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