Holistic Dentist in Beachwood Answers Your Questions

December 23, 2015

holistic dentist BeachwoodYou’ve heard of the mind-body connection, but have you ever considered the mouth-body link? Your oral cavity is the gateway to the rest of your body, and problems with the teeth or gums can severely impact your overall wellbeing. That’s why Dr. Hornstein, your holistic dentist at The Center for Advanced Dentistry, focuses on your whole health in an effort to bring you true excellence in dentistry. Because we know what goes on in your mouth isn’t just limited to your teeth and gums.


Mercury Filling Controversy

July 8, 2010

In our office we do not use amalgum fillings.  We think there are more aesthetic materials available today.  However, some of our patients do not want to keep amalgum fillings in their teeth.  Dr. Hornstein removes the old fillings safely.  We use lots of water and a high suction evacuation system.  We isolate the affected tooth with a rubber or latex dam so the patient is minimally exposed to any residual materials when removing the filling.  The patient may choose to breathe oxygen and eye protection is always used.  Some of the local physicians who practice medicine utilizing traditional and complementary treatments refer their patients to our office when they suspect that mercury levels are having an adverse effect on their patient’s health.  This link from Wikipedia has a balanced approach in its review of this controversial subject.


Please call our office if  you have any questions about mercury fillings and their safe replacement with tooth colored materials.